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$499 For 12 week program

Hip Health Training Protocol

If you're like most of us, you may not know if you have healthy or unhealthy hips.

A healthy hip isn't determined by whether or not we can squat, run a 5k, cycle 50 miles on weekends, or play 60 minutes of football on Sundays. 

These are skills or hobbies that are enjoyed only if we have a healthy base from which to build skills on. Good quality connective and muscle tissue, and control of our useable workspace helps ensure longevity in sport or life. 


Whether you are a weekend warrior, desk jockey, or a specialized elite athlete, my hip health program is intended to improve tissue quality, expand range of motion, and increase strength in order to hedge ourselves against the demands of lifestyle and sport. 

Training Program Benefits
  • Learn to control your body in order to assess your restrictions and expand upon them.

  • We will teach you how to expand your current joint and physical capacities to enhance your training. 

  • Increase joint control and range of motion

  • Increase joint health and longevity

Program Includes:
  • 12 on-demand training videos for the hips and repeat program as many times as necessary

  • 12 weeks of joint and tissue specific programming

  • No equipment

  • Train at home

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