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Zoom Consult + Training Program

Individualized training programming done by John

Service Description

John has a system of constraining training in a manner that elicits the specific effects the individual wants/needs. A Zoom consult is required so you and John can become acquainted and he can acquire the specific information he needs to construct your individualized training program. John will then construct your training program and share it with you on a brief follow-up Zoom call. Please allow John 2-4 days for him to build your program and another 15-20 minute follow-up Zoom call so John can educate you on your training. John is a neuromuscular therapist, strength coach, former competitive bodybuilder, lead instructor for the FRS Internal Strength Model, and a Louie Simmons approved content contributor for Westside Barbell.

Contact Details

Home Office 1037 Starlight Lane, Westerville, OH, USA

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