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Zoom Joint Assessment or Consultation

Zoom Joint Assessment or 1 hour Consultation with John

Service Description

Joint Assessment: You will receive an in-depth assessment of the current status of joint function. Joint dysfunction is the hidden generator of all different types of pain while also being a constraint for the pain-free movement that enables people to perform the activities that keep them healthy and they enjoy. The benefit of this assessment is it educates the client while simultaneously allowing for specific treatment/training work to be performed, with the sole intent of the work to change the joint in positive and favorable ways. The work performed will then be prescribed over the next couple of weeks for the client so a process of at-home training to address the issues discovered through assessment is established. Consultation: John is a neuromuscular therapist, strength coach, former competitive bodybuilder, lead instructor for the FRS Internal Strength Model, and a Louie Simmons approved content contributor for Westside Barbell. Any questions on any combination of the above topics you have for John can be discussed in this session.

Contact Details

Home Office 1037 Starlight Lane, Westerville, OH, USA

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