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$499 For 12 week program

Shoulder Health Training Protocol

As time progresses, our health steadily fades. We obviously have figured out ways as humans to slow down the clock by investing in our health. Whether that's changing a diet, quitting smoking, going for a bike ride, or lifting weights. Our joint health should be no different. If we want to lead a longer and healthier life, we think you should add joint health to that list. 

The shoulders, along with the spine and hips, are one of the most complained about joints I see in my manual therapy practices. 


My shoulder program is intended to improve tissue quality, expand range of motion, and increase strength in order to hedge ourselves against the demands of lifestyle and sport. These are some of the things I feel make for a healthy joint.

Training Program Benefits
  • Learn to control your body in order to assess your restrictions and expand upon them.

  • I will teach you how to expand your current joint and physical capacities to enhance your training. 

  • Increase joint control and range of motion

  • Increase joint health and longevity

Program Includes:
  • 12 on-demand training videos for the shoulder and repeat program as many times as necessary

  • 12 weeks of joint and tissue specific programming

  • No equipment needed 

  • Train at home

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