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$499 For 12 week program

Spine Health Training Protocol

We are only as healthy as our spines are. Back pain, or or an ill spine can be debilitating and leave us feeling decrepit. Unfortunately we don't have a back up spine like that of the other pairs of joints in the rest of our bodies, but we do have 24 joints in our spine system. That means that we have the potential to expand our current number of functioning joints in order to have a profound impact on our overall health and individual joint health.

Gain access to more joints in your spine, experience healthier connective tissue quality, increase your ability to control new ranges of motion, and increase your back's newly found strength.


My comprehensive 12 week spine program teaches you to discover the simple keys to unlocking your hidden potential of acquiring health over time.

Training Program Benefits
  •  Learn to control your body in order to assess your restrictions and expand upon them.

  • I will teach you how to expand your current joint and physical capacities to enhance your training. 

  • Increase joint control and range of motion

  • Increase joint health and longevity

Program Includes:
  • 12 on-demand training videos for the spine and repeat program as many times as necessary

  • 12 weeks of joint and tissue specific programming

  • No equipment needed 

  • Train at home

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